How to Develop Your Own Winning Roulette Strategy

There are literally hundreds of theories and strategies associated with playing roulette whether you play online roulette or play in one of the major casinos in Las Vegas. Developing a winning roulette strategy takes some time and some research to ensure that you have the one that works for you. Many players will try different forms of roulette and play different strategies before they settle on one basic one.Before we discuss a winning roulette strategy further it is important to understand the game of roulette. Generally the rules are the same regardless of where you play, whether it is online roulette or at a real casino. However we urge you to check the local rules before you start playing to ensure that you fully understand how to play. For example, some online casinos as well as real world casinos will request that you make a minimum bet in certain areas of the table.Next as part of your winning roulette strategy, you need to understand whether you are playing American roulette or European roulette. The games operate the same way, with one major difference. American Roulette will have a “0” and a “00” at the head of the table, while European Roulette only has the “0” at the head of the table. This changes the odds considerably in favor of the house, and is one of the major differences you need to understand.Betting in roulette can be any or all of the following: single number bets, multiple number bets, black or red, even or odd, betting with the house on “0” or “00” and on rows or columns of numbers. The odds and payouts will change depending on the type of bet you make. Betting on a single number pays 35:1 odds while betting on even or odd, black or red pays 2:1 odds.Now that we know the basics of the game of roulette, you can begin developing your winning roulette strategy. Some players will bet only single numbers while others will be odd or even, black or red, and so on. Players will watch the history board, which shows past numbers and bet accordingly. One of the basic winning roulette strategies is to ensure that you never bet more than you can win. Some players cover the roulette table with chips and win less than what they put on the table. Do the math to ensure that you can at least make back what you wagered when you win. Enjoy the game and investigate your winning roulette strategy to maximize your winnings.

How to Make the Big Money Beating Roulette

If gambling is not a lucrative sport, we would not have casinos. If gambling were not fun, we would not be going to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo for the ultimate gaming experience. Take roulette for example, win money at roulette can give you a lot of thrills.There is money in gambling. When you win, it can be the most fantastic feeling. You feel like you own the world and everyone in it. It is incredibly intoxicating. That is why it is addicting. People keep playing to “get that feeling again, and again.”While enjoying the game of roulette, you cannot help but have your emotions run wild whatever the results are. Playing roulette is really the ultimate gambling challenge. You have equal chances with anyone else in the table of hitting it big and making money.There is more than one roulette system you can buy that will help you make the money you only dreamt of in the past. That lucky guy screaming at the top of his lungs in disbelief over his luck in the lobby of a grand hotel can be you. Dreams do come true in casinos.However, dreams are also shattered in casinos. You could be down and out in just a matter of hours because you threw away everything based on a feeling.Playing roulette has become a science. It has been studied time and again by the experts and many have developed roulette systems that work. In the same manner, there are unscrupulous people who ride on the hopes and expectations of others, and try to sell you a system that doesn’t work at all. Scammers don’t work only on the internet, they are everywhere.If you plan to buy a roulette system, you should go about it systematically. Don’t get fooled by flashy advertising. Get down to the basics of the system and study the methods used to beat the odds. One of the fastest and most reliable way of getting information is by personally talking to someone who has used the system. Talk to previous buyers, ask around the casinos, check online for reviews and blogs about that particular system. There are many sites that honestly review roulette systems, not to make money, but just to give advice with no hidden agenda.You should do this because you worked hard for your money, and you just don’t want to blow it on a whim – or gut feeling. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with instinct, but instinct should be leaning on hard facts.Don’t try to imagine big bucks then jumping on the bus to get to the nearest casino, just because you are inspired, depressed, desperate, or in the mood.Playing roulette needs more than that. If you do the work, chances are you will make it big.Making money playing roulette is only possible if you know what you are doing. Shooting blanks in the dark is similar to playing roulette without knowing what you are doing. You get nothing but you lose plenty.

How to Play Roulette the Winning Way

Roulette is a very popular game of chance. It is rich in history having been established more than 200 years ago in Europe. The object of roulette is to guess the winning number among 37 numbers that appear on the European roulette wheel or 38 numbers if you are playing American roulette. The extra number in American roulette is double zero – 00.There are a number of bets available for players, from a single number to combination of numbers, the color red or black, and whether the number is odd or even. The different kinds of bets have its corresponding payouts and probability rates. A single number gives a payout of 35 to 1 which is the highest in roulette. However single number shows that it is the least likely to win, it has a probability rate of 2.5%. Even money has the highest probability rate. It carries 48% chance of winning.In roulette 3 sets of even money awaits players eager to put their money that has higher chance of winning. These are color where players choose red or black. Each number in a roulette wheel has a designated color. Even zero has a color and it is green. Every time zero wins all bets loses except those placed on zero. Zero is colored green.The other even money is odd and even. Well this is self explanatory; anybody can distinguish and odd from even. However bear in mind when zero wins all even and odd numbers loses. Last on the even money list are high and low numbers. The numbers in roulette is divided into 2, 1 to 18 is identified as low numbers while 19 to 36 are the high numbers. Players wishing to wager on any one of them wins 1 is to one.In European roulette every time zero wins players are given an option either to surrender half of their wagered money or leave it for the next spin. For players who choose the latter, their wagered money on that particular even money is saved if it wins on the next spin. This is called En Prison Rule. En Prison rule only applies to money placed on even money.Another important thing to be considered in playing roulette is the different number combination players can wage money on. There are the 2 number combination up to 12 number combination. Each combination has its respective payouts.